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For the absolute best Fairfield gearbox repair service in the Pacific Northwest, contact Allison Power Systems in Sandy, OR. We always stay committed to providing quality customer service to any customer in Oregon and Washington who needs assistance with a hydraulic pump or a gearbox, and is also committed to having repairs completed in a short amount of time.

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Allison Power Systems - an expert in Fairfield Gearbox repair

Allison Power Systems is a Fairfield gearbox repair provider that specializes in fixing broken hydraulic pumps and gearboxes across both Oregon and Washington. We are committed to quality customer service and will bring a spare unit to your location, or repair your broken unit back at the shop in a short amount of time.

Fairfield Products

Fairfield Products

For nearly 40 years, Fairfield Manufacturing has been providing the absolute best quality in gearbox and drive design and technology covering a wide range of applications and needs.

Fairfield offers custom manufactured parts to fit all of your needs, including spur gears, helical and bevel gears in a variery of sizes (from 20mm through 2M), and Torque Hub® planetary drives. Also offered are a variety of other custom parts, including drive and differential carrier assemblies, specialty transmissions, transfer cases, and more!

Fairfield parts are built to AGMA Class 14 standards, so you can always trust the durability and performance, no matter what. Allison Power Systems is a proud partner of with Fairfield Manufacturing, and we assist our customers with any transmission repairs, including spindle drives, birotor drive motors, turret gearboxes and pump drives. At Allison Power Systems, we're committed to providing top-quality customer service, and the best custom parts throughout Oregon and Washington.

Fairfield Gearbox Repair Services

Fairfield Gearbox Repair Services

Founded in 1919, Fairfield specializes in manufacturing engineered gearboxes and drive solutions.

The company offers custom gears with spur, helical and bevel forms from 20mm through 2M to AGMA Class 14 standards, and also builds custom drives for both mobile and stationary equipment with torque outputs from 800 Nm to 4,000,000 Nm. Fairfield has been committed to delivering the highest measure of quality and value over the past 90 years, and provides its products and services to several different equipment manufacturers, including construction, mining, agriculture and wind energy.

Allison Power Systems supplies several Fairfield products to customers, ranging from spur and bevel gears to Torque-Hub drives and brakes. Fairfield Repair Services is dedicated to providing innovation, quality and value to all of their work, and will work with Allison Power Systems to provide quality customer service to everyone in Oregon and Washington.

Fairfield Torque-Hub Gearboxes

Fairfield Torque-Hub Gearboxes

Fairfield torque-hub gearboxes are the main gearbox product supplied by Allison Power Systems.

A product of Fairfield Manufacturing, Torque-Hub drives and brakes deliver long-life performance required for industrial machinery and off-highway mobile equipment. Fairfield provides several different types of Torque-Hub drives to customers, including wheel drives for off-highway equipment with maximum torque from 20,000 in-lbs to 3.5 million in-lbs, to shaft output drives that deliver power to in-plant machinery including conveyors, mixers and augers. Other Torque-Hub products include spindle output drives for vehicles with small-diameter wheels, and excel drives that are compatible with compact configurations, SAE motor inputs and a broad range of ratios.

With Allison Power Systems supplying Torque-Hub products to customers in the states of Oregon and Washington, your equipment is guaranteed to be reliable and to last several years.

Fairfield w50 Gearboxes

Fairfield w50 Gearboxes

Allison Power Systems provides a variety of gearboxes for their customers, with Fairfield w50 Gearboxes being the main model supplied.

The Fairfield W50D9 is one of Fairfield’s most reliable products, as it has torque outputs ranging from 500,000 lb-in to 1,000,000 lb-in. The W50D9 can support a top speed of 3,000 RPM, and can support a weight of 1,360 lbs. Fairfield recommends that customers fill the product to half full with 90 weight gear lube with EP additive on most applications, as it has an approximate volume of 500 oz. Special features that come with the W50D9 include a seal boot, a blank, as well as thrust bearing and ball bearing covers that come in a variety of inputs and ratios.

The Fairfield W50D9 is guaranteed to satisfy customers in both Oregon and Washington, and is guaranteed to last a significant amount of time on any product.

Fairfield Repair in Oregon

Fairfield Repair in Oregon

Although the company is based in Charlotte, NC and Dalton, GA, Fairfield Repair Services supplies products to companies all around the United States, including Allison Power Systems in Sandy, OR.

The history of Fairfield Repair Services dates back to August 13, 1965 when the company was founded with only two employees as the American Barmag Corporation.

The company initially sold and serviced a variety of texturing machines, polyester and nylon machine machines, and proceeded to grow rapidly, employing 76 employees by 1975, and making $55 million in sales by 1988. This growth continued throughout the 1990s, which included being the official supplier of DuPont, and lasted until 2000 when the Swiss Saurer Group bought out ABC, with the Saurer Group being bought out by the Fairfield Group in 2006.

Since then, Fairfield Repair Services has remained a proud partner of Allison Power Systems in Oregon, and is committed to providing quality service to customers and businesses across the country.





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Allison Power Systems is an Fairfield gearbox repair service that specializes in fixing broken hydraulic pumps and gearboxes across both Oregon and Washington. We are committed to quality customer service and will bring a spare unit to your location, or repair your broken unit back at the shop in a short amount of time.